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2012-01-31 02:30:50 by Chaos-Player

PlayPlusGaming made by me (Sokyx) and Ghostryx we will get better mic but for now we got a crappy one thats why audio voice is amazingly bad but the videos are good so no harm done just check if you got your volume low xD

a lot of trial and error on my flash movie attempt i said fuck it ill get my stuff back and do more songs so get ready ill be making it big now hell yes i would appreaciate any comments.


2011-08-08 10:49:56 by Chaos-Player

no more songs from me my hardrive got fried and all my stuff along with it so now im going to make a flash
movie its going to take a long time im expecting like early 2012 or december 2011 and i got some pretty good
ideas of how its going to be so wish me good luck

new song

2011-04-15 10:16:03 by Chaos-Player

my new song probably will come out around july - august
i already started and i have an idea of what i want
now i just need to develope it but i dont plan on doing that soon so thats why it will take a while


2011-02-22 21:21:13 by Chaos-Player

i posted Darkest Nights on youtube heres the link ^-^ OO90

New To Newgrounds.

2011-01-28 01:17:29 by Chaos-Player

New to newgrounds i just made 3 little musics just want ppl to listen and comment
id like for ppl to put my songs in flash give me tips and some pointers too...

Will Make More

2011-01-17 18:10:39 by Chaos-Player

ill make more songs but it will take a while until im heard of again xD!

Morning Waits Techno

2011-01-17 09:35:12 by Chaos-Player

Its Done!!!! new music morning waits techno
i had some problems so i couldnt finish it on time :P
but enjoy some more techno-metal

YAY im back and im doing my new song
its same style as deliver us from evil bit of metal techno and trance
ill try to get it ready by the end of the week for u all to hear it ^.^

Audio Rest

2011-01-03 12:57:07 by Chaos-Player

Well im a quit the audio for a bit dunno when im coming back
dont worry ill come back after 1 - 2 weeks or something :P
till then keep commenting and rating my songs